Delivery center operating procedure

Beamteq has been lauded by many clients for its delivery center practices. The procedures were developed by many experienced professionals, who have been key players in the software industry for a long time. People were excited to see what they would come up with next; their specialty has always been latest technology development.

There are many great things within the process which are the cause of its reputation. The biggest factor is the quality of the output; it disrupts existing delivery center practices without being unprofessional. The different possible methodology are also being appreciated by many companies. The delivery center continues to rise in popularity and many other companies have expressed an interest in utilizing these services.

  • Background:
    At the risk of stating the obvious, globalization has quickly become a common and significant practice across a multitude of industries. Examples abound in manufacturing, automotive, financial, retail, and other sectors. High-speed telecommunications, accessible travel, global opportunities, and a host of other technological and social advancements have enabled companies to expand their reach and holdings worldwide.
  • Market Trends:
    Companies continue to expand globally, distributing their teams around the world through a variety of means, including offshoring, acquiring, partnering, and outsourcing. As globalization becomes more prevalent, many companies are evolving their approach and practices, perhaps demonstrating a maturation of the distributed model.
  • “Talent is everywhere”:
    Many initial moves into the global market involved transferring work to a single site, frequently in India, and now often in China or Eastern Europe. Cost was typically the primary motivator — decisions to transfer work were driven by the availability of skilled labor at rates much cheaper than in the United States and Western Europe. Increasingly, enterprises are establishing development centers in multiple locations worldwide.
  • Strategic outsourcing:
    As a number of growing outsourcing providers can attest, outsourcing has been popular for some time. Initially, companies often outsourced projects tactically, selecting whatever vendor made sense at the time. Companies may have also considered whether the project itself was a good candidate for outsourcing, or they may have based selection purely on whatever project came up short of resources or funding.
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