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Beamteq’s Java Center of Excellence (CoE) helps organizations design, develop and deploy enterprise-class applications at reduced costs while still ensuring greater speed, security, and reliability. Our Java CoE is an amalgamation of well-defined processes, tools, and technologies that help to develop a solution for our clients’ rapidly evolving requirements. Our Java Center of Excellence continuously evaluates new technologies and develop best in class solutions for our clients.

Java Enterprise Edition has evolved to become an industry standard for applications that require scalability, robustness, and ease of management. Java Enterprise Edition 6 provides an improved business component model, updated web services, and streamlined persistence models. These and other features included in the current Enterprise Edition of Java makes it the best choice for both lightweight web applications (through Web profiles) and complex, multi-tier applications.

  • Skills and Expertise:
    The CoE provides an entire organization with the skills and expertise needed to develop the Anaplan platform within the business and provide training to the team. It creates functional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), provides solution design, architecting, and technical model building skills, and offers project management capabilities. Furthermore, it provides ongoing training for an organization, including instructor lead (classroom) training and on-demand eLearning courses.
  • An Implementation Approach:
    The CoE creates a known and understood approach to delivering and evolving solutions within Anaplan for an organization. Utilizing the benefits of the Anaplan Way Agile methodology, a CoE encourages collaboration between all parties involved with the Anaplan platform, successful iterations of new and updated releases, and accurate visualization of each project and release.
  • Direction and Governance:
    The CoE creates a governance framework that is used to steer and prioritize the Anaplan roadmap within an organization and drive the ROI of each release. This includes identifying an organization’s steering committee, executive sponsors, and the sign-off/approval approach and process. The CoE may also act as the project management office (PMO), which is attached to each release.
  • Data Governance and Integration:
    Establishing a CoE helps to utilize the Master Data Hub concept within an organization. The CoE will generally be responsible for the Master Data Hub, which will feed into most, if not all, models within the organization. Doing this creates a single point of data reference within the organization for all departments and regions to refer to. Also, the CoE provides adherence to conventions, policies, and corporate definitions that are used with the Anaplan platform.
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